Class 05 – Simple Circuitry Overview


After the shock of last class, I wanted to make a concerted effort to have students evaluate their own knowledge and impart a baseline circuitry understanding. You can find a link to the powerpoint from today here.

Students began the class taking a simple survey (which you can find here) to rate their understanding on topics that are critical to success in this class – such as circuitry, soldering, and programming / microcontrollers. This survey was intended for the last class, but due to lack of internet, it wasn’t taken. As it turns out, we are not great at evaluating our own knowledge, so the plan to go over these topics slowly will be of great use to everyone in the class.

Today we went over the basics of circuitry, including breadboards, Ohm’s law, and static state analog circuit components (resistors, transistors, capacitors). We also discussed the concepts of voltage and current, and compared voltage and current to water flowing through pipes. Finally, we briefed over circuit diagrams.

There are certainly many more things that need to be learned (and will be learned) but now students have a basic foundation on which to build their knowledge.


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