Class 06 – Multimeters and Project Planning

Today we recapped our conversation on circuitry from the last class, and began the first steps of project planning. You can see the class presentation here.

Multimeters are just one of the many tools we will use to ensure that we have good, solid circuits built – this includes good solders! We practiced using a multimeter to test voltages.

Additionally, we glanced at a datasheet for the first time, and discussed how to find them for parts we are using. Students will need to find these datasheets for parts as they design and build their own projects. These sheets provide the information and specifications for where the part can be used. You can generally find these by googling “part name data sheet”.

As a group, we also discussed analog and digital signals. Analog signals are continuous in nature, where as digital are discrete. Digital signals can be made to look like analog signals, but they are distinctly different. Analog signals are great for things like motors and LED brightness, whereas digital signals are better for things like on/off.

Finally, all students began the first stage of project development – research ideas and documenting their own thoughts. These thoughts SHOULD end up on their blog 🙂

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