End of Class Project Awards!

At the end of each rotation, or cohort, of students, there will be a project exposition, certificate ceremony, and four awards will be given. I wish I could give awards to every student, but the awards will be deliberated on carefully by multiple instructors and awarded to the students who best exemplify the award being given. Awards will come with a trophy or emblem, a prize, and their project featured on the SSA website as an example of what STEM Star Students should aspire to.

The Quantum Leap Award

The winner of this award demonstrates the biggest leap in understanding, skill development, and problem solving throughout the course. By the end of this course, this student has come to be a model of what we look for in a STEM Star student – a problem solver, researcher, experimenter, and respectful member of our SSA community!

Best Online Portfolio Award

The winner of this award will have a blog that serves as a comprehensive online portfolio. A winning portfolio will include multiple project update posts, the project proposal, project images, step-by-step instructions (with code!), and highlighting troubleshooting steps they overcame in project development. The blog will be organized and easy to read. The winning blog will be showcased alongside their project on the SSA website!

The Pinnacle Award

The winner of this award will be the project that the instructors feels was most original and best executed, where the student did an excellent job of working independently, problem solving, and demonstrating what it means to be a STEM Star. This award will, by far,  be the most difficult award to decide on.

Student Choice Award

This award will be given to the student whose project is voted their favorite on the evening of the showcase. Students will be ask to discretely vote for their favorite student project that is not their own. The student with the most votes will win the choice award.


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