Class 22 – Inching Closer to Completion

Today, almost every student achieved that special feeling you can only get when the code you have been working on FINALLY WORKS!

Cohort 1 students only have 3 more classes worth of project work before their exhibition. They are all working hard, and today, many of them finished or are in the process of finishing their internal project parts, and will be transitioning to enclosure and finishing touches in the next class.

Cohort 2 students worked hard to get their first internet connected mini-project working on their microcontrollers! Now that they have finished with digital input, they will transition to digital output and servo output using internet controls. After this, they will begin in depth planning of their projects, including part specifications and electronics design.


  1. Instagram Contest, deadline December 9! More info here.
  2. Projects exhibition on last fall class for cohort 1, Dec. 9. More info here.
  3. Awards up for grabs at the exhibition on Dec. 9. More info here.
  4. If you student has not been, please remind them they need to be bringing a data-transferring USB cable with them to each class in order to program their microcontroller!
  5. Call for project boxes – cardboard boxes that phones and “fancy” electronics come packaged in make great project enclosures. If you have any lying around your house that you would like to donate to SSA we would love to take them off your hands!
  6. Students may join instructors for project work time on Saturdays – December 2 from 11am to 2pm, and December 9 during the SSA Open House from 9am to 12pm.


Notes from today’s class can be found here.


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