Class Update

I wanted to touch base as we approach Spring Break next week!


  2. Student Project Spotlights
  3. Check out SSA Social Media
  4. STEM Stars Class Ends April 11th


Spring Break is next week (3/26 to 3/30) and there will not be any SSA Spring classes next week. The next class will be Monday April 2 – note that while DPS is still on break that we will hold class at the normal time on Monday April 2. If you are looking for an activity over Spring Break, SSA will be holding camps for students 8-13yr and you can pay-by-the-days-you-want. Find out more at the SSA website.

2. Student Project Spotlights

I am so incredibly impressed with all of my students, and I want to share their progress with all parents and all SSA students in a regular and accessible manner. What I would like to do is have students share a sentence or two about who they are as makers, and a couple sentences about the projects they are currently working on and have worked on, accompanied by photos. These Student Project Spotlights will be posted on our class website.

The link to the Google form with the questions for students can be found here: All spotlights will be sent to the parents of the student as a draft before anything is posted.

3. Check out SSA Social Media

After a slight hiccup, I have access to the SSA Social Media, and we will be posting up media from class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Check out Liam’s Laser IR Harp performance at his band concert – just posted!
Twitter: @SiliconSTEM

4. STEM Stars Class Ends April 11th

Due to the survey results from the last class update I sent out (and via Slack) STEM Stars will NOT continue beyond the original set date of April 11th. Regularly structured classes will resume in the Fall of 2018. There was mixed interest for intermittent STEM Star activities over the summer and we will reach out to all parents and students as they are scheduled.
A good option for the STEM Star students would be the Summer STEM Academies. These “intensive” week-long camps are designed for Advanced students.

Students can choose between Microprocessors and “The Internet of Things” and Virtual Reality Academies. See the SSA Website for details.


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