Class Update

I wanted to touch base as we approach Spring Break next week! TLDR; NO CLASS DURING SPRING BREAK Student Project Spotlights Check out SSA Social Media STEM Stars Class Ends April 11th 1. NO CLASS DURING SPRING BREAK (3/26 and 3/28) Spring Break is next week (3/26 to 3/30) and there will not be any SSA Spring classes next week.... Continue Reading →


Class Update

It really has been a pleasure having all the boys in STEM Stars. I am so impressed by the community they have built and the leadership, ambition, and kindness they have all shared. I sent each parent a one-on-one email with an update on their student's progress in the class, and I wanted to send this email to highlight some of the big bullet points!

2018 – New Year – New Update Structure

I am changing the way updates are delivered regarding class and student progress, into a delivery system that is more meaningful and helpful to students and parents. Instead of delivering an update for every class, I will post semi-weekly with  information for parents and students that is related to class. For information on what individual... Continue Reading →

Class 19 – Parts Have Arrived

Our final project parts for cohort 1 have arrived! Students today will be integrating their new parts in with their microcontrollers and figuring out the nuances of their new parts! My cohort 2 students will be shadowing other students with similar projects as they have not completed their soldering/ circuits workshop yet.

Class 17 – Ordering Parts

Many students in cohort 1 are nearing or have finished their proof-of-concepts, and today they are finishing up their required documentation, blog posts, and part orders. Cohort 2 students began drafting ideas for their own projects.

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