My name is Katrina Siegfried and I am a maker, tinkerer, and engineer. I have my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a certificate in biomedical engineering, and I continued on to obtain my M.S. in Biomechanics. Through college I developed a passion for education and taught throughout my graduate program as well as developed educational software interfacing Nintendo Wii products for teaching Biomechanical principles. I have a soft spot in my heart for microcontroller programming and my house is filled with strange projects I’ve built – including talking Alexa Billy Bass and my Weird Al Yankovik Musical Notification Box so I don’t forget to take out the trash. My goal in working with SSA is to bring energy and excitement to the next generation of makers and engineers while providing them with the know-how to go out and create. My strongest languages are Python and C++, but I am always learning something new! When I’m not inside tinkering I love to freestyle ski, skateboard, and cycle on the velodrome.

Open communication is very important to me. If you are a parent, student, or someone interested in learning more about the STEM Stars course I would love to stay in regular contact. You can find links to my personal website and a list of contact information here.


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