Class 17 – Ordering Parts

Many students in cohort 1 are nearing or have finished their proof-of-concepts, and today they are finishing up their required documentation, blog posts, and part orders. Cohort 2 students began drafting ideas for their own projects.

Class 14 – Proof of Concept

Today, students continued work on their proofs of concept. Some students have finished while others are in various states of completion. It is OK and expected for some to take longer than others. The time needed and complexity of each project is different, and completing the proof-of-concept will result in some students being farther along than others, it all depends.

Class 11 – Proof of Concept

Each student who had completed their Project Proposal Document was handed a proof-of-concept plan to follow. The intention of the proof-of-concept is to develop a simple code and mechanical design with the microcontroller that proves their overall design will be successful, and to learn the basics of the parts they will use. Each student's plan... Continue Reading →

Class 10 – IoT Servo Control

Today we continued working with Adafruit IO with the objective of controlling a microservo from a web interface. The notes from class can be found here. Like last class, the lesson today is based on Adafruit's IO Basics guide. The example code can be found in File > Examples > Adafruit IO. This is the... Continue Reading →

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